Massive ‘Earthquake Bomb’ From WWII Explodes 

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A World War II bomb exploded underwater as a team tried to defuse it. The powerful blast sent a column of water into the sky, and shook buildings and boats nearby. Thankfully, nobody was injured. The Polish Navy had been working to defuse the bomb. It had been resting near the Baltic Sea, 40 feet beneath the surface, for 75 years. The 19 foot bomb held more than 5000 pounds of explosives, and was known as a “Tallboy,” or “Earthquake bomb.”

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13 okt 2020



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Jbonezzz 500
Jbonezzz 500 2 timmar sedan
"Yes Rico, kaboom"
Ain Qi
Ain Qi 4 timmar sedan
Fish fish fish fish dead
NotMeowth 18 timmar sedan
in europe they said it was just a bomb supposed to hit germany that casually landed in a river in poland lol
L X 18 timmar sedan
yeah ikr
GramerDim 21 timme sedan
Kay Dior
Kay Dior 21 timme sedan
it’s a crazy thing to think about though, just think we’re all at home or work enjoying our day not knowing whether a bomb is gonna explode underwater tomorrow or today (i hope that’s the only one though) it’s also a really scary thought to think that there could and probably is (i’m not sure) tons of bombs underwater that didn’t go off for years
Pagomenos Dag sedan
Most of the comment section in this Video got RIP Fish in it. i don't get why they say it, They eat fish everyday.
Szymon Brus
Szymon Brus Dag sedan
"to tej samej wody nigdy się nie zanurzysz"
Troyplays Dag sedan
This happened on my birthday...
PD Sports
PD Sports Dag sedan
After I have Taco Bell
josh mirr
josh mirr Dag sedan
That could have been an easy target for junkshops here in the Philippines.
Hiro Dag sedan
Ti Ti
Ti Ti 2 dagar sedan
So we’re just gonna ignore the rhyme in the beginning.
Josh Q
Josh Q 2 dagar sedan
If i can prove that i never broke the law do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw
Northerly Hamilton
Northerly Hamilton 2 dagar sedan
just an normal day in florida Fish: F***K YOU EARTH
Victoria Trojan-Qureshi
Well damn
GAMING CHIT 2 dagar sedan
“Nobody was injured” Fish: Am I a joke
AmongUsTroll 2 dagar sedan
Fish after killing humans: Finally inner peace
I Cant Think Of A Name
Needs hug Needs hug
Needs hug Needs hug 2 dagar sedan
This bomb after 75 years its show time
Tasheena Lawrence
Tasheena Lawrence 2 dagar sedan
Whos whacting this in 2020
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 dagar sedan
"Nobody was injured!" Except for all the sea life that were just minding their damn business.
Hiro Dag sedan
Nice stolen comment
Soham Vij
Soham Vij 2 dagar sedan
thunder bembo
thunder bembo 3 dagar sedan
R.i.p. fish..
Rosteg 3 dagar sedan
Wait, poland has a navy?
leo exe
leo exe 3 dagar sedan
So this is where internet explorer has been hiding
leo exe
leo exe 2 dagar sedan
@kolim jone wdym yes i did copy it from a meme
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 dagar sedan
This isn’t search and destroy
Henry Kuhn
Henry Kuhn 3 dagar sedan
The fish wasn't evacuated!
John Smith
John Smith 3 dagar sedan
Can only imagine the wild life that died very sad
Valdoz 3 dagar sedan
"It shock buildings and boats nearby" *excuse me, WHERE?*
Five Boils
Five Boils 3 dagar sedan
Noooo the poor fishyies! 😢 Lola
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 dagar sedan
75 Years Ago: British Plane: drops Tall Boy Pilot 2: Hey umm, one of them didn’t go off.. Pilot 1: Eh, that’s for the futures people to deal with.
Lance Pourian
Lance Pourian 3 dagar sedan
2020 just got more crazier
golden claw
golden claw 3 dagar sedan
A bomb is still active that any moment it can explode How ever the police and people try to deactivate the bomb The bomb:fine I will do it myself
Hezekiah Abadi
Hezekiah Abadi 2 dagar sedan
lol the bomb was a suicide bomber
DeviLmoon 3 dagar sedan
Fish: **starts walking on the land**
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 dagar sedan
(Nuclear bomb explodes) Humanity: Were fine Fish: THEY ATTACKED US, FIRE BACK
Avani is my idol
Avani is my idol 3 dagar sedan
Thankfully nobody was injured Fish: umm I could’ve died
Solo4life X
Solo4life X 3 dagar sedan
Wait what about the radiation or was it not that nuclear
Robert Francis
Robert Francis 3 dagar sedan
It looks like peen es
God of Gods Ruler of the fucking earth its self
Bro that thing is HUGE
Xavier Zadorozny
Xavier Zadorozny 3 dagar sedan
This isn’t search and destroy
Twisted Soul
Twisted Soul 3 dagar sedan
Oh my tuna hurt
Sup dude
Sup dude 3 dagar sedan
Allymations 3 dagar sedan
The powerful bomb shook water into the sky as is shook people and buildings nearby -News host
Fudgecake 3 dagar sedan
Some Grandpa out there: *Vietnam war flashbacks*
kisstheworldanddie 4 dagar sedan
The bomb was able to live its true potential! So long so patient.
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan 4 dagar sedan
cool beans
Burton Sumner
Burton Sumner 4 dagar sedan
Who would win: Polish Bomb Squad? OR One *Tall Boi*
Sohilah Nazir
Sohilah Nazir 4 dagar sedan
Velid ST
Velid ST 4 dagar sedan
I would like to know where the bomb was exploded
(Nuclear bomb explodes) Humanity: Were fine Fish: THEY ATTACKED US, FIRE BACK
Caleb McCourry
Caleb McCourry 4 dagar sedan
That’s cool
Shaul Dawg
Shaul Dawg 4 dagar sedan
Good thing no one was fishing in that spot lol that would have sucked
ダ-リング。 4 dagar sedan
Imozan 4 dagar sedan
So nobody went death by being right next to it? How.......water makes noise worse so wtf
Ouroboros [GD]
Ouroboros [GD] 4 dagar sedan
*"nobody was hurt"* *What about FISH*
Shomari Monroe
Shomari Monroe 4 dagar sedan
Awesome video
Golden Freddo
Golden Freddo 4 dagar sedan
thats why i heard a big boom boom noise a week ago
Asyraf 4 dagar sedan
bomb has been defused unsuccessfully
David Chittum
David Chittum 4 dagar sedan
Talk boi
ChuckTown Gaming
ChuckTown Gaming 4 dagar sedan
That voice over was so wired 😂😂😂
Chali YYY
Chali YYY 4 dagar sedan
Humans sees bomb: FML Fishy: FLM
HEE HEE 4 dagar sedan
Y’all remember the party in Finding Nemo? Yea, someone touched the balloon
igor swiniarski
igor swiniarski 4 dagar sedan
Finally My country is Acklonagled
Tardar Sauce
Tardar Sauce 4 dagar sedan
Grandpa who lives there: *Those kurwas must be destroying Warsaw again*
jondobon 5 dagar sedan
I can’t believe they named the bomb tall boy
Goddess_of_ Beauty
Goddess_of_ Beauty 5 dagar sedan
Wow! Can't believe back then people were crazy enough to create hundreds of bombs 💥 like that! That's really scary I hope there will be no more wars 🙏🏾
Abstract Gamer
Abstract Gamer 5 dagar sedan
Tall boy bomb ... use earthquake ...FISH fainted
Pink Teddybear
Pink Teddybear 5 dagar sedan
I doubt it was a WW2 Bomb. Could be a cover up of experimenting a new war fare. The did in disguise what Kim from Korea does openly. If it had to explode it had 75 years. They tested something.
10bigsteve 5 dagar sedan
Anyone else, close calls on camera
Andrew F.
Andrew F. 5 dagar sedan
So yeah, ww2 still sucked
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe 5 dagar sedan
Wonder what type of bomb it was
noahs noah-commander jonesy
Heres the full story- this is in Australia and the reason why it was there is because a British plane tried to bomb a german boat but missed it and landed in the water and it was not safe so they did that-
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dagar sedan
"Thankfully,nobody was hurt" Birds: pecks feathers traumatically
Bibz BOI
Bibz BOI 5 dagar sedan
Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony 5 dagar sedan
“The bomb no longer poses a threat to the community” *shows picture of radioactive contaminated water*
1withthelion 5 dagar sedan
All Might: One for All: Cannonball
jojo townsend
jojo townsend 5 dagar sedan
The fish: oshiete
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 5 dagar sedan
Meanwhile china just farted and everyone got corona
Graham Pompidou
Graham Pompidou 5 dagar sedan
Aquaman is really mad
Call of duty 90909 The second
The plan that dropped bomb finding out that it finally exploded after 75 years👁👄👁
Auschwitz Welcome Committee
Allies: Still terrorizing Europe 75 years later.
Anonymous person
Anonymous person 5 dagar sedan
These bombs mainly caused shockwaves by falling at terminal velocity, although the explosion was a huge factor too of course.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 5 dagar sedan
Y’all boi
Og Grizzy
Og Grizzy 5 dagar sedan
Vrice See
Vrice See 5 dagar sedan
Tall Boi
Insight101 5 dagar sedan
Fish: MEDIC!
SewerWizard 5 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about the fish but what about how they called it a "tall boi"
Ellie Ortiz
Ellie Ortiz 5 dagar sedan
we’ll get em next time
Jadden 5 dagar sedan
The fish will go to war with us
Dan Wyr
Dan Wyr 5 dagar sedan
this bomb was detonated with purpose, it was planed, collated information
Pulkt 5 dagar sedan
Meanwhile china just farted and everyone got corona
North Bells
North Bells 5 dagar sedan
“Thankfully nobody was injured” *thatveganteacher wants to know your location*
GothBoy 5 dagar sedan
No one was hurt or injured Fish *AND WHAT ABOUT US?*
pho3n1x_x 5 dagar sedan
The Internet explorer bomb
A Person who Comments on Anything
Someone set a timer for the bomb for 75 years That’s dedication
Jason Buben
Jason Buben 5 dagar sedan
That’s going to be one hell of a good fishing spot now 😂😂
Ryan Sharp
Ryan Sharp 5 dagar sedan
Not a single tall boy in the old footage
S B 5 dagar sedan
Ain’t no one gonna talk about that one time the USA accidentally dropped a nuke on their own people. For real though search it up.
Br Quaz
Br Quaz 5 dagar sedan
David Morris
David Morris 5 dagar sedan
Fishing in Poland 🇵🇱
Radu Marinescu
Radu Marinescu 5 dagar sedan
And how was the guy defusing it alright ?
VerTi Xx
VerTi Xx 5 dagar sedan
Deaths: People:0 Fish:**1000**